Day 18: The longg journey back to Americaa (revised)

Goodmorning! We woke up at 4am to be all packed and out the door by 5am. It was weird leaving Kratie.. We spent 10 nights in that hotel and I loved every second of it.

The entire team packed into the two vans and we were off. I was exhausted because I didn’t get much sleep but I made an effort to keep my eyes open to see the beautiful sun rise. The 5 and a half hour car ride wasn’t that bad because most of the roads are now paved! It was fantastic and made the ride less of a roller coaster.

Once in Phnom Penh, we first stopped at the CHAD headquarters (our translators office) and we emptied the vans. We also had to re-weigh some of the bags just to be sure none of us were going to have a bag overweight. So with our stuff safe at CHAD, we did some shopping since we rushed ourselves last time we were there. Everyone got plenty of elephant pants 🙂 For lunch we went to the Jars of Clay and had delicious fresh food! Rachael, Lisa, and I went there last year when we were waiting for our flight. I had this amazing chicken and mango salad ❤ love, love, love! It had this unique pesto, pickle sauce on it.. hard to describe.. but it was delish!

Back at CHAD we said goodbye to everyone because they are now going to start their two week vacation in Vietnam! Sarah, Rach, and myself already had our vacation in Siem Reap 🙂 . We thought about going out for massages but ended up just hanging out with Mama Sophal, Daneth, and Tara in their office.

I like how the three of us started the trip together and now we are ending it together. It all came full circle ❤ Anywho, to pass the time I played around with writing in Khmer! It is a beautiful language and I wrote words like “love” “thank you” and “Diabetes” on my arm.. tehe. I also wrote “Princess” on Rach.

Tara drove us to the airport for our midnight flight to Seoul, Korea. Mama Sophal and Daneth also joined us to say goodbye at the airport. This is when it really hit me that I might not be seeing them again for some time. *Cue the water works* I didn’t want to leave 😦 .

I can’t even begin to explain what an impact this trip has had on me. The work was hard but it was worth every single sweat and tear we put into this trip. I am proud to say we saw a grand total of 1,436 patients!!!!!

– My travel itinerary

5 hour car ride -> 5 hour flight to Seoul -> 12 hour flight to Chicago -> 3 hour flight to Orlando -> 2 hour drive HOME!!!!! ❤

Oh and yes, I have type one diabetes… but did I ever let that slow me down? Nopeee! It is moments like this where I actually love my diabetes. I love celebrating the good blood sugars and learning from the bad ones. But this trip really wasn’t about me conquering my diabetes. It was about helping those in need and giving them the tools and education to improve not only their life but their whole community.

I encourage everyone to make a list of things you want to do. A simple list that answers a simple question. No matter how big or small those wishes may be, I want you to not be afraid to go for it 🙂 Jump into the unknown and try new things. It is never too late. ❤










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